Gainey Ranch Golf Club

September 14, 2020


Why choose Gainey Ranch Golf Club?

From our first meeting with Amanda and Chris we knew they were going to be an amazing couple to work with. Plus they had picked one of our most favorite places to work at, Gainey Ranch Golf Club.

Why do we love Gainey so much? Here is why…

  • Gainey recently underwent a beautiful new renovation and not just for the golf club members.
  • They upgraded the ballroom flooring, added modern Chameleon chairs for the events, and bonus fun items. Like a donut wall! Who can say no to a donut wall?
  • Let us not forget the beautiful mountain views, waterfalls and lake that are part of the landscape as well.

What makes Gainey also great is their coordinator and staff, shout out to Lauren Ogle (aka Wonder Woman). When you have people that love doing their jobs it shows and it definitely shows at Gainey. We sail on nothing but calm seas when we get to work with this property. That is a very important thing when booking a venue for your wedding or special event. Staff will be interacting with your guests all through the night. It is imperative that you feel comfortable with the level of service they are providing you. At Gainey you will receive nothing but above and beyond. Just as Amanda and Chris had an amazing wedding day surrounded by their most important loved ones.

It is imperative that you feel comfortable with the level of service they are providing you.

Bold wedding colors, succulents, and a touch of Canada

They wanted a simple, desert inspired wedding, but in a more traditional venue. So we picked Gainey Ranch Golf Club. We designed the wedding with succulent accents, royal blues (a favorite color of the couple), and touches of Canada. Chris was Canadian and had family coming into town and wanted to have it included as part of their big day, hence the awesome sock photo below!


Since royal blue is a very bold color choice, we chose to apply it only in certain areas, the bridal party, the flower girls, and the napkins on the table. Our florist; Butterfly Petals also chose succulents that were on the more blue-ish green side to bring that color in a bit more as well. Our design was simple but elegant. The couple wanted to focus more on enjoying time with their guests and merging the families together.


Tables were all adorned with succulent and desert rose centerpieces and very unique wedding favors. We had a local artist Katherine Leigh Simpson create plantable seed paper favors. Guests could take these saguaro shaped papers home and follow simple instructions to have them bloom into Arizona wildflowers. How cool is that? Talk about being eco-friendly as well. Everyone got to take a piece of the desert home with them.


When we get to work with such gracious clients like Amanda and Chris it makes these types of events even more memorable for us. Working with a great venue doesn’t hurt either. It gives us the confidence to let our clients know they are in great hands.